Montag, 11. Februar 2013

Fritz Neumann used the same paper !

Hello !

we made a little step forward in our research concerning RIC :

The paper-stamp "JCB" which is on nearly every print by RIC has also been used by an artist called FRITZ NEUMANN . Obviously Fritz Neumann had a second familyname which is still a mystery for us, as the signatures are very difficult to read.

On some sources you will read that "our" FRITZ NEUMANN has something to do with two other artists called "fritz neumann-hegenberg" and "hermann fritz neumann" - we think this is wrong because of biographical data and because of the so much different directions in their works.

Here are some sample of works by "our" Fritz : (mainly etchings on paper)

A couple of months ago the connections betwenn FRITZ NEUMANN-??????  and RIC were already subject for two posting on "the linosaurus blog" : here are the links to these postings :

and here you can see some samples of signatures by FRITZ NEUMANN :

Interesting point could by a collaboration betwenn FRITZ NEUMANN and Rosenthal. This item is a painting by FRITZ NEUMANN on a porcelain plate by Rosenthal :

So maybe these new information could help us on the way finding the name behind RIC - Thanks for reading and thanks for any feedback !